• 1-Day Install
  • Vehicle-Ready Within 24 Hours
  • 15-Year Warranty

1-Day Install • Vehicle-Ready Within 24 Hours • 15-Year Warranty

Epoxy Garage Floors

Colorado’s #1 full floor epoxy garage system. Seal Colorado installs garage floors in a single day! Beautiful, Durable, Fast, Guaranteed! Vehicle ready in 24 hours.

Commercial Epoxy

Our commercial epoxy system is approved for USDA inspected facilities. Most applications can be installed in one day with foot traffic in as little as 6 hours. We warranty most commercial work for 4-years.

Concrete Sealing

The concrete sealing application we complete for driveways and patios and other concrete is simply awesome. It will help slow deterioration and reduce concrete breakage from the freeze-thaw cycle.

Colorado’s #1 Epoxy Garage Floor Professionals

SealColorado, provides The Front Range with epoxy garage floors, commercial epoxy flooring and concrete sealing services. Our advanced protection products and services provide home and business owners amazing results that are guaranteed to last.

Our communication and customer service with epoxy garage floors, and concrete sealing is unmatched. SealColorado focuses on those often neglected concrete areas around your home that many homeowners lack the time to properly maintain.

SealColorado offers epoxy floor coatings for garages, patios, basements, and commercial applications.

We serve The Front Range (Denver Metro to Fort Collins), call us today 303-219-1996 or 970-773-9676

Epoxy Garage Floors

Make your boring garage floor an Amazing Garage Floor. Is your garage hard to clean? Does it have stains and deterioration? We will install the highest quality epoxy floor that is beautiful and durable. We also have hundreds of colors available to match your specific needs.

Commercial Epoxy

We are commercial epoxy floor specialists in Colorado. We offer a product that is approved for use in USDA inspected facilities meaning it’s the highest quality. Light foot traffic is possible in as little as 6 hours. Extremely durable and we offer our 4-year warranty. Commercial epoxy is one of our specialties.

Basement Epoxy Floor

Our basement epoxy flooring options are great for homeowners that want worry-free flooring in an area that can be damp. The options for the basement can amaze people that haven’t considered epoxy as an option. If your basement has flooded or tends to be damp, this is a great option for your basement flooring.