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Fort Collins Basement Epoxy

We have helped many Fort Collins customers complete epoxy flooring for their basements and have also done waterproofing of basements as well.  We have specialized in completing basement epoxy flooring in Longmont, Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins (and surrounding).

There are some items that need to be addressed with basement epoxy floors.  These items are specifically for customer safety and air quality.

Due to the flooding in September 2013 in Colorado (and more specifically Longmont, Boulder and Northern Colorado) we’re giving discounts to customers that have been impacted by the floods.

Our process is streamlined and combined with our premium product we can complete most installs in one day and light foot traffic can resume after 6 hours and the floor is 100% ready 18 hours after completion (foot traffic and animal traffic).  

We stand behind our work with a 15-year warranty!

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Epoxy Garage Floors 

Colorado's #1 full floor epoxy garage system.  Seal Colorado installs Amazing Garage Floors® in a single day!  Beautiful, Durable, Fast, Guaranteed!  Vehicle ready in 24 hours.

Commercial Epoxy

Our commercial epoxy system is approved for USDA inspected facilities.  Most applications can be installed in one day with foot traffic in as little as 6 hours.  We warranty most commercial work for 4-years.

Basement Epoxy Floor

We do basements, patios, gym rooms, lockers and more.  If you have a specialty application, give us a call to discuss your specific needs.  We can usually find a solution for our clients.

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